Monday, July 10, 2017

Nova: The forgotten one

(This is a double post day!  Scroll down to see an update on Baby Lynx, too!)

Sorry I haven't been updating you on Nova very often.  She continues to be at the heart of everything Lynn and I do at home...just not everything I write about.  So, I'll try to make up for it, since I know she has a lot of adoring fans.

I LOVE this photo.  It was about 100 degrees while I was in the hospital with Lynx.  Lynn took Nova out to collect pine cones near the hospital parking lot.  She loved it!

When Breck and Mitch visited, we took all to the Trolley Museum down the street from our house.  We didn't realize just how much of a hit it would be!  We could barely pull neither Nova nor Mitch away!  

We later went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Notice the pajamas on this kid?  #pickyourbattles

She wanted to hold his hand.

And, I MADE her hold my hand.  No choice in a parking lot, girlie!

Many wonderful gifts have graced us these past few weeks.  The gifts have been very helpful, and the boxes have been a source of much delight.

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