Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nova is Three!

Can you even believe it??  Nova turned 3!

Here are some highlights of our lives leading up to this momentous date:

 Nova's imagination continues to blossom.  She continues to ask us to "Help her talk" while she hands us a random stuffed animal.  But, she can now have a conversation by herself - where she plays the role of both stuffed animals herself.  She is also a great mommy to Pinky, shown above.

Here we are at the Air and Space Museum.

Uh-oh.  A sign of the future - Nova ignoring us while on her phone.  (For concerned grandparents: This is a fake phone!)

Wrapped up like a blue hot dog!

At a preschool event, Nova (in the purple skirt) found a friend.   I don't know this friend, but they seem quite close!

Nova got her first haircut!  While she doesn't look thrilled, it was totally her idea.  She asked me several times that morning, so we went.  She cooperated the entire time and was very proud of herself.
The hairstylist didn't listen to me, so we won't go back.  I think I'll try to cut her hair from now on. (Famous last words.)

 The finished product!  She just got a trim.  

Having a picnic with her friends! 

Playing at a friend's house!

For her birthday, Nova's auntie Breck came to visit!  We had so much fun!

For breakfast, we went to Breck's favorite spot - a vegan restaurant called Sticky Fingers!  Nova kept asking if she was going to have "stinky fingers."

Then, we went to the mall where she jumped in a bouncy house (hence the red cheeks).  And, then, we got into this mall train.

She was a little shy of the camera man (aka, the conductor), so here you're seeing her shy face.  But, Breck and I were ecstatic.

Leaving the mall, she held Lynx's hand.  She started doing this a few weeks ago and Lynx couldn't be happier.

On January 30, she was 31 lbs.

On January 31, she put on her Minnie Mouse dress and said, "I wear this for wedding day.  I marry you, Daddy and Baby."

After a rough (ahem, cranky, ahem) morning, she said, "I need to have relax" and went to her room to lay down for a while.

February 11, when she's thirsty, she says she's "drinky."

February 21
When I said, "Thank you Nova.  She says, "You're welcome. It's no deal."

Lynx's Eighth Month - January 2018

Lynx continues to be a very sweet baby while he navigates the world around him, including that of food!

We have attempted this new-fangled baby feeding practice called Baby Led Weaning, where you give the baby whatever you're eating (except choking hazards).  Lynx has loved it.  He will whine and cry if he gets baby food during one of our meals.  He wants whatever the big kids are having!

Some eggs and sweet potatoes

Ripe pears

Butternut squash 

This is the only time so far that he's drank from his cup successfully on his own, within any help from me. Pretty good!

Ball pit time with sister!  He loved it until he sunk too far down.... 

 What's more fun than a can of beans while it rolls around on the kitchen floor?

For Valentine's Day, I bought Lynn a long overdue present.  Here are my two SuperBoys!

He has started pulling up! He really hates being on his belly, prefering to see the whole world (aka, his sister) from this upward vantage point.

Flying in a real plane (that wasn't flying!) at the Badlands, an indoor recreation center in Rockville.


Meredith had us over for a playdate and Lynx loved their ball pit too!

A little playdate with Seamus! 

8 Months!!

On January 14, I was positive that his bottom left tooth had poked through.  Then, it vanished.  Does that happen? Or did I imagine the tooth?  Either way, his first undisputed tooth came through February 5 - just five days before turning 8 months.  

He's made some major developments in his physical movement, too.  On February 6, just after cutting the tooth, he pulled himself up from sitting on the floor.  The next day, I laid him down on his back in his crib, left, and returned to find him sitting up!  He's done this a few times since Feb. 7.  Then, on February 15, he started cruising.  On February 16, he went from laying down in the crib to sitting, to standing - all three positions - all by himself in one timeframe.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lynx's Seventh Month - December 2017

Our little Lynx is doing so well.  He's such a sweet, loving little boy who absolutely adores his sister.  Whenever she's around, he watches her, as if taking notes on how to get the most out of his toddler years.  When she's not around, he gets fussy quicker and seems disoriented.  I hope this bond continues.

It was a little chilly in early December, but we don't mind!  Out he goes, to enjoy the sunshine in his bin!

Another good use for the bin...bathtub.

His first time in the grocery cart!  He watched everyone with great interest.  And I think he was a bit overwhelmed with all of the colorful choices ALDI's has to offer!

As is everyone's wish, Lynx desires hair like his cousin Kaia's.  This is the best he's far!

He is sitting up all on his own this month!  Good boy!

We went to our first Hanukkah Party!  Lynx attacked his buddy Seamus in this photo, but was otherwise very well behaved. ;)

We also went to a Christmas Party, where Lynx had his first beer.  Or, at least, he tried, but Lynn was NOT SHARING.

Our little man has recently shown us a strong interest in standing.  So, I thought, "what if I let him stand by the jungle gym?"  He's loving it.  He just stands there, for minutes at a time, without help from me (though he's got a tight grip on that jungle gym!)

7 months!!

Nova loves to make Lynx happy! Enjoy this swinging video.

Lynx is really hitting his stride in his efforts to crawl.  Here's a video of him trying to crawl!

Lynx is so happy so much of the time.  Enjoy this giggling video!

December 18 - he could get his legs under his bum in an attempt to crawl.  He figured out how to continuously roll to reach stuff he wants.  He hasn't done it very much since then, but he can!
January 5-can stand holding onto the jungle gym for minutes at a time.

January 6 - said "ba" for the first time (that I noticed)