Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lynx's Second Month

Lynx is two months old now!  I can hardly believe it.

I tried an at-home photo session.  I got a smile!

Nova's last day of daycare was July 28.  Lynx and I went to the party.

On our way to Nova's daycare party!

Snuggling at the party!  We all wore blue and white stripes. 

"This hat is too big!"

Tummy time with big sister! 

Tummy time, Lynx style.

Hurray for MN!

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!"

Almost every morning lately, Lynx has woken up with a wonderful smile on his face.  Me? Not so much...(mama tired.)

He's trying out Nova's crib for the first time.  At some point, this will become his crib.  But just not yet, kiddo.

My friend, Katie, who I met at AAP, visited us with her son, Charlie.  We had much fun! 

Snuggles!  Later this same day, Lynx vomited all over me.  Moment. Ruined. 

"What? I got into JHU!?"

Good night, all!

At his two month appointment, we found out that Lynx.... in the 97% for weight (14 lb, 1.28 oz) in the 90% for height (23.75 inches) very chatty for his (or any) age!) Check this video!
He's also got some mad tummy time skills.
But has a lobsided head.  So, we are going to see a cranial specialist to see what can be done.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Nova: The forgotten one

(This is a double post day!  Scroll down to see an update on Baby Lynx, too!)

Sorry I haven't been updating you on Nova very often.  She continues to be at the heart of everything Lynn and I do at home...just not everything I write about.  So, I'll try to make up for it, since I know she has a lot of adoring fans.

I LOVE this photo.  It was about 100 degrees while I was in the hospital with Lynx.  Lynn took Nova out to collect pine cones near the hospital parking lot.  She loved it!

When Breck and Mitch visited, we took all to the Trolley Museum down the street from our house.  We didn't realize just how much of a hit it would be!  We could barely pull neither Nova nor Mitch away!  

We later went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Notice the pajamas on this kid?  #pickyourbattles

She wanted to hold his hand.

And, I MADE her hold my hand.  No choice in a parking lot, girlie!

Many wonderful gifts have graced us these past few weeks.  The gifts have been very helpful, and the boxes have been a source of much delight.

Lynx' First Month

This is a blog entry only a mother could love.  It consists of mostly photos of a baby sleeping.  Dull, but oh so cute.  (However, a special visitor came specifically to liven up this blog!  Thanks Auntie Breckie and Auntie Mitchie!)

A glimpse into my life: A toddler in one hand, an apple in the other....blankets, blankets everywhere!  And an infant somewhere in the thick of it all...  Glamorous, no? 

A nice profile shot, and it looks like he's a trying to sneak up on someone.... 

A baby party! In the elevator on the way to my postpartum support group, Lynx got to hang out with his buddies Esther (left) and Seamus (right). 

Enjoying a little love from Auntie Breckie, who also bestowed upon him (and his sister) many, many delightful gifts. Thanks for everything!!  We had so much fun with you guys. 

Surprisingly, Nova's abundant love for her brother has not waned.  Every morning, she runs into my bedroom, asking to see "baby brother" or "big brother."  She looks around the bed for pacis.  Upon finding a few, she places them lovingly on his face, hands, belly, or blankets and exclaims, "Pacis for baby!" Then, she snuggles up to him, giving him hugs and kisses and saying, "So little. So nice."  She then tries to destroy everything around him.  But, so far, so good.

His hands are almost always near his face.  Because of this, we usually swaddle him with his hands out.  If we did that with Nova, she would smack herself in the face and wake up.

More sleeping. 

A slumber party!  Lynx and friend Seamus (the younger brother of Jack, a regular installation on this blog) are enjoying their first slumber party while Katie and I commiserate.

As of July 10, Lynx is one month old!  I can barely believe it.  

He's enjoying baths more and more.  Probably because I'm remembering how to do it more each time!
On June 30, we did some tummy time.  He launched himself up so he could see me and had a huge smile on his face.  He then tried to talk - he makes these wonderful cooing sounds.  I talked to him, and he grunted back as if trying to participate.  #love
To show off some of his cooing, check out this video I took this morning!
And this video has less cooing, but more wiggling.  

At his 1 month pediatrician appointment:
He is the same height.
He is now 11.5 pounds!  He's gained two pounds in two weeks, and three pounds since he was born!  It's all gone to his belly, which protrudes so adorably.  (See many exhibits above!)