Monday, June 25, 2018

Lynx's 12th Month!

Lots of handholding lately.  I LOVE IT.

My heart....

A few pictures with me included....

Covered in kids!

We took the train at the Wheaton Regional Park and a selfie! 

I got to have dinner with these lovely ladies to welcome Megan on her trip to DC!

Playing at the park, as usual! 

What's that you're reading, Froggie?

Nova with her buddy Susan.  Susan's mom thought this would make a good photo for a band. Maybe the band could be called "Little Blondies." 

Whatcha doin' mom?


The insanity of my life.

A quick mention of Nova's progress in the writing arena.  I wrote the Coco, and Nova tried to make c's and o's around it.  

Happy boy with an adorable headband, courtesy of his sister.

Who needs a shirt when it's 95 and humid?

Queen Elsa with her Baby Elsa.  Nova is OBSESSED with Frozen.

 Nova loves herself a good selfie.

Nova Notes:
Nova lifted her hands up to me, and said, "I want to donate these. I want MAGIC hands."
Nova is really into Frozen right now.  She also wants to learn Spanish.  So, she watches Frozen in Spanish almost every day.

Lynx Notes:
Lynx's height:  (96%)
Lynx's weight: 22.5 lbs (71%)
The Doctor said that he's a bit underweight - he should be 24 lbs.  I'm trying to figure out how to remedy that, but it's tough to MAKE a kid eat.

May 20 - Held a doll and said "baby" and later said "yes"
June 3- He wakes up around 5:30 am every day.  Around 6:30, we get Nova.  While downstairs, I've been telling him "Let's go get sister!" and he will stop what he's doing and lead me to Nova's room, open the door and laugh while he launches his body onto the side of her bed.
June 7 - Said "nana" while pointing at a banana. Said "baba" twice for water.  Additionally, he loves to roll around in pillows and blankets.
June 12 - He puts his finger on my chest and makes whining sounds when he wants breaastmilk.  If I say he can't have any, he gets really mad.  When he wants to eat something, he slaps his chest instead of doing the "more" sign I've been trying to teach him. :)
June 13 - When I tell him he's all done in the tub, even if he's having fun, he stands up, reaches out to me and complies.  

Lynn's summary of the kids' development:

She is obsessed with Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen.  She has multiple Elsa dresses and loves to sign and dance while talking about Frozen.  When we go get her in the morning, we ask who is there because some days she's Elsa, others she's Anna (Elsa's sister), others she's Kristoph (Anna's boyfriend), others she's Sven (Kristoph's reindeer), and sometimes she's just Nova (usually when she's sick, scared, or tired).

Her speech and mental acuity are developing well.  She speaks in full sentences and can convey most of what she wants to say, but sometimes struggles with a tough word or abstract thought.  We started doing jigsaw puzzles before bath time each night as a fun routine.  She keeps trying to be faster than me and I keep telling her she needs to do lots of jigsaw puzzles to get fast ;)

She is also adorably sweet to Lynx, which helps a lot.  She stops what she is doing and actually tries to make him laugh when he starts to whine/cry, and it sometimes works.

He has been struggling with some serious teething lately, so he's been a mess on many days.  He also doesn't like to sleep past about 5:30 AM most days, so I started to get up and take him downstairs to let Briggs sleep a little more.  We hang out, have some breakfast, then go to the play area and I basically follow him around while he investigates various things, does some tumbles, or gets pissed because something doesn't work immediately.  Kids these days... jeez ;)

On the other side, he responds to his name, understands much of what we say, and knows how to navigate our house (e.g., if we are in the sun room and say we are going to get Nova, he will walk over to the stairs and go up to her room on his own without following me).  Both kids absolutely love to be outside and both get bored relatively easily, Lynx much more than Nova though.  I am still waiting for them to get jobs and start pulling their weight around the house though ;)

Monday, May 21, 2018

Lynx's 11th Month - first steps, going down stairs, communicating with everyone

Lynx had a major month!  Not only did he learn to walk, he is also walking outside on the uneven grass, he can also go down the stairs by himself and wave, clap, blow raspberries, and say "ah, ah, ah!" in response to our "ah ah ah!" exclamations.

He loves watching Nova, and is often out of sorts when she's gone.

They've started playing together.  The games mostly consist of one climbing on the other, and they both giggle and giggle.  Relatedly, Nova will tell me if Lynx is doing something he's not supposed to do, and Lynx will follow Nova around, stealing her toys all day if he could.

WEANING: On the growing up front, I've started reading to him after I nurse him but before he goes to sleep. I've been feeding him to sleep up until now, which I did not do with Nova and regret. (It's SO MUCH easier to get them to sleep if you feed them to sleep!)  By reading to him after I feed him, I'm hoping that the book will eventually replace the feeding, and I can simply read to him instead of feed & read.  Surprisingly, last night (May 9), I was feeding him to bed when he stopped, pointed at the bookshelf and said, "eeeh! eeeh!"  I said, "We will read after you eat" and tried to feed him again.  After just another minute of feeding him, he was back at it. "Eeeh!  eeeh!" while pointing at the books on the bookshelf.  So, I stopped feeding him, read to him, and put him to bed, happy as a clam.  Maybe he'll wean himself?!

He's turning into such a little man, I totally love it.  I miss all the snuggles of his early babyhood, too, but I much prefer to see him exploring his ever expanding world as an almost toddler.

Nova had a big month, too.  She is getting interested in learning how to read.  She has always loved having us read to her, but lately I've been trying to point out the words we see.  Like, the STOP sign, text messages on my phone, words at the playground. As a result, as of yesterday, she's started saying, "What does that say?" when we see letters.  And, she'll finish the sentence of a book we've read a hundred times and exclaim, "I can read!" And I say, "Yes you can!  So good!" :)  She smiles so proudly.

Nova and I have been looking at Jenn's blog a lot lately, due to Nova's continued obsession with Kaia.  More and more, Nova asks me to be Nova, while she is Kaia.  She'll say, "You my cousin" and I'll reply, "Yes, and I'm taller than you," and she'll say, "My daddy is Uncle Ford," and we go on and on in our imaginary world.

Here's a video of Nova transitioning into her Kaia role.

While Lynx naps, I've been engaging Nova in more "wild abandon" types of activities, where I give her something to play with, and tell her to enjoy.  Here, she's painting.  Notice her hands?  There's some evidence of wild abandon if ever I've seen any!

I let her clean up after painting, which mostly turned into squirting paint into the sink.  Sigh.

She also made some mud pies, which she called mince pies.
Before and...

After!  Cheese!

And, soccer began!  "Soccer practice" consists of the parents following their 3 year olds around while they do a variety of non-sanctioned activities with their soccer ball.  It's pretty cute and totally unproductive. 

April 10: started to guide the walker in the right direction.  Also said ma, pa, da, teh, hi-die.  Hi-die is his favorite combination of words.
April 20: began clapping and LOVES to get us clapping in response.
April 27: stood up for 20 seconds (or more?) for the first time.
April 28: Walked three paces by himself for the first time.
May 3: Loves putting toys into containers and dumping them out again
May 5: waved to a neighbor while on a walk.  Lynn and I had no idea he knew how to wave until then.
May 6: If I say, "ah, ah, ah" he will repeat every time. He really wants to have his voice heard.
He also started climbing down the stairs - we only let him practice on the sets of 2-3 stairs we have throughout our split-level house, NOT the staircase leading to the second floor.
And, sine I've started reading to him, he'll now find books on the floor and bring his favorites to Lynn or I, then climb into our laps to read.  It's awesome.

April 15: I asked, "Nova, what letter does your name start with?" Nova said, "Birthday!"
May 4: Instead of taking on the role of her imaginary characters herself, I've noticed her playing with figurines more and more.
May 8: She's started to request time alone by saying, "Leave me alone." I've told her that saying, "I need some alone time" is more polite, so she's saying that instead.  My little introvert is expressing her needs more and more.