Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas 2017 with Nova and Lynx

Though both kids were sick and we had no plans whatsoever, but the Christmas break was still awesome.

Nova loves Elsa from Frozen, as do 99% of two-year olds, so I have started braiding her hair, like Elsa's.

Santa joined us at a Christmas Party at Debra's!  This was the first time either child met Santa, and as you can tell, both were ecstatic.

We decided not to buy a Christmas tree this year.  So, our presents are wrapped and tucked away nicely on top of the tree.  (I did buy one on December 26 for 50% off, though!) 

Nova was sick throughout the last two weeks of December, but her enthusiasm cannot be contained.

Nova and Lynn did a few crafts while Lynx slept and I made fun of Lynn. 

We left cookies and cake for Santa, and a few carrots for the reindeer a la the Murman-Rolfsrud Christmas tradition.

Christmas Morning!! 

Dad demonstrates his fishing technique to one child, who is eating a Rice Krispie treat that Santa gave her, and the other, who is enjoying his paci time....while it lasts.   (We took Nova's paci away this month, as you'll see below...)

This present was meant for Lynx, but what he doesn't know....
Thanks, Jenn!

This is one of the adorable outfits that Lynn Gadacz bought for Lynx.  Thank you!

One of Nova's favorite toys is a barn that Grancy bought her.  All of the horses agree - lots of fun in this barn!

Nova Christmas STATS!
PACI ELIMINATED: In the fall, we told Nova that once she chews through her last paci, she can no longer have pacis.  She kept the last one in good shape for a few months, but at the end of December, it has gotten ripped.  So, no paci.  The first night sans paci was rough - a lot like sleep training.  But, she's been fine since then.

December 14
Me: what should we get daddy for Christmas?
Nova: ears

December 15
I sang the Daniel Tiger song, "when you feel sick, rest is best" because her horsies were sick.  She repeated the but with improved lyric: "When you feel sick, go to party."

December 31
I was reading a story to Nova where the main character has a bear over as a dinner guest.
Me: "Do we ever have bears over for dinner?"
Nova: "No, only daddy."

Later that day, Nova said, "I'm a silly woman."

Even later that day, Nova said (in a sing-song voice), "When you sneeze, you get boogers and stuff."

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Lynx's Sixth Month

 He's very sweet and jolly in the morning.

Lynx and I went on a trip, just the two of us, to Arlington, VA to drop off some toys for a few kids in need, and to visit my friend Corinne, who was in town for the weekend.

He loves bathtime too! 

 He's too cool for school.

Lots of trips to the park in the cold!

More wintertime cuteness.

His first time trying the swings! 

Such a cute swinger!

And he's a champ in his indoor swing.

A selfie with our six month old. 


November 22:
After months of sleeping for an hour or two at a time, we did a little "cry it out" on November 22.  He cried for 30 minutes at 9 pm, another 20 minutes at 10 pm and has been pretty much all set ever since.  Best decision I have ever made.

November 25:
Rolling from back to front consistently but doesn't roll to his back again.
Can sit up on his own for 12 seconds in a row.

November 30
 Said "mama."
December 1:
Can sit up on his own for minutes at a time.

December 12:
18.3 lbs in weight.
18 inches head circumference
27.5 inches tall

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nova: Potty Training (X2), Swimming, Garden of Lights

Nova's 2's preschool class.  Back row from left to right: Mrs. Troutman, Stella, Colin, Mwaka, Nova, Noah, Olivia, Mrs. Selva.  Front row from left to right: Coco, Maleka, Bruce, Arian, Declan. 

Playing at Peachwood Park during one of the last nice days of the year. 

Matching outfits! 

Early morning chaos, to be followed promptly by mid-day chaos, and then, night time chaos. 

Nova is starting to get very interested in bows, dresses, sparkles, frills, etc.  It's pretty fun!

We went to the Sugarloaf Festival with my buddy Tricia, and Nova got to dress up during the lunch time activity.  She had a lot of fun with the other kids.

Nova took her first swimming lessons this fall!  She LOVED it.

Such a smiley girl. 

So we don't forget who is trying to run this show, here's a photo of Lynn.

In addition to swimming, Nova LOVES reading.  If given the option of the park or the library, she has always chosen the library.  So, we go at least once a week, sometimes more frequently. 

We went to the Garden of Lights for the first time as a family this December.  It was really magical.  Though very few photos were taken, I wanted to chronicle this experience so I hopefully remember to go again next year (and the next!) 

After a swimming lesson, we went to Chipotle in Olney.  As an idiot parent, I let her climb on the high stools.  She fell off and went face-first into the concrete floors.  She hurt her lips, nose and forehead.  Parenting fail.

Though we couldn't find her butterfly wings for Halloween (turning her butterfly costume into a caterpillar costume...ha), we have now found them!  She wore them to the park and wanted me to take a bunch of pictures of her.  She usually doesn't like photos, so I happily obliged.

Nova potty trained herself!  While Lynn was in Chile, on November 15, she decided she didn't want to wear diapers anymore.  A couple of urine accidents followed, but she's been good ever since!  Even at night time.  She was READY.

Cute things she's said:

November 2: I picked up Nova from preschool.  She said, "I didn't miss you, but you missed me a lot."

November 17: She called her armpit her "armspot"

November 30: 
Me: Santa comes down the chimney to bring presents.  
Nova: That dangerous! Go to door!

December 4:
I told Nova if she cleaned up her toys, she could watch TV. I cleaned the kitchen, then heard her say, "I cleaned up all the stuff!" Then showed me a Kleenex box full of random things. "See? I cleaned up all the stuff!"

December 5:
She just started to speak for her toys instead of just asking me to "help him talk." Prior to this, she always played the role of herself, while I took on different characters.

December 7:
"Rub this in his chinny-chin-chin."

During nap, Nova wrapped a blanket around her waist and sang repeatedly, "Let it go! Let it go! Can't have it anymore!"

December 12:
Tonight, I told her she had to brush her teeth after bath.  She said, "I run away!" and took off down the hall.