Monday, June 19, 2017

Lynx's First Week

I think you'll be able to tell from these photos below that I spent the first week post-partum primarily with Lynx.  Lynn did everything else - he took care of Nova, he did the dishes, the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, the taking care of me, etc.  Thank you!

Lynx sleeps a lot, as he should.   

 Mommy snuggles and Daddy snuggles.

First car ride! (Ok, that's a lie.  This is his second car ride.  Like any neglected second child, I keep forgetting to capture his first experiences!) I said, this is his SECOND bath!  See? More neglect! 
 But, his first bath was about the same - he was not a fan! 

Luckily, he recovered well from the terrible bath and is sleeping like a, well, baby!

On Tuesday, June 13, we went to Lynx's first pediatrician appointment:
He was 8 lb, 6 oz at birth. After delivery, he had only last 2% of his weight (8 lb and 3 oz).  For our pediatrician appointment, he had gained it all back and then some!  He was 8 lb, 9 oz.  This does not surprise me because this kid eats constantly.  

Before and After the Labor and Delivery of Lynx

I wanted a stand-alone post for Lynx's announcement and delivery story.  So, below are the before and after photos, including some cuteness brought to you by Nova.

I arrived at the hospital around 11 am.  Lynn first went home to get Nova's "go-bag" and then went to his boss's house to drop it off along with Nova's car seat.  Lynn's boss, Adam, and his wife, Ginny, were gracious enough to take Nova for the duration of Lynx' labor and delivery.  

Before the show really got on the road, we FaceTimed with Nova twice.  The first time, she was watching Bugs Bunny, so she was perfectly content.  But, the second time was just before bedtime, she was crying and asking where we were.  This was around 8 pm.  
She didn't sleep very well, and she didn't eat much of anything, so I'm afraid that we hadn't quite prepared her.  But, Adam and Ginny were wonderful and did what they could to alleviate her anxiety.

Medstar Montgomery Hospital is "baby centered" so immediately after birth, the baby is placed on your chest for about an hour of skin-to-skin time.  This was amazing.  I wish we had done this with Nova.  While I snuggled, breastfed, and kissed him, Lynn talked to him which seemed to be very soothing for him. This lasted from 1:30 am to 3 am.  Then, they took Lynx to get some tests and vaccinations done, and I was transferred to the post-partum room.  Finally, I got the opportunity to sleep from 4:30-6 am, but I didn't really.  I still had the epidural and IV lines in me, so I couldn't get comfortable.  Alas...

The next morning (still June 10), Nova was introduced to "baby budder."  She was enamored.  

Lynn had brought a couple of books that talk about being a big sibling and how important that role is. 

Nova got to watch a LOT of TV at the hospital.  Maybe this baby brother isn't so bad!

Hello world!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Introducing Lynn Bruce Wilson IV

We are so happy to announce the birth of our son!

Lynn Bruce Wilson IV 
Saturday, June 10 at 12:59 am
8 lb, 6 oz and 21.5 inches
We are calling him Lynx.

My Birth Story:
I went into my regular 40 week appointment at 9:30 am on Friday, June 9.  They noticed that my blood pressure was up for the first time in this pregnancy (153 over 92), so they sent me to labor and delivery. 
I arrived at  Medstar Montgomery at 11:00 am.  After a series of tests, it was determined that was negative for pre-eclampsia or any other blood pressure-related complication.  Phew!  And, as I was progressing on my own, they decided to admit me.
Fast forward 13 hours to 11:55pm.  I was 8 centimeters dilated, 100% effaced and baby was at 0 station (which is about half of the way there.)  The doctor broke my water, and everything looked fine.  He stepped out of the room just as Lynx's heart rate dropped.  The nurse kept flipping me from side to side, trying to find his heartbeat, but to no avail.  
She yelled for the charge nurse, and a whole group of nurses returned, along with my doctor.  They found the heart rate, but it was very low - way below 100 beats per minute (when it had been vacillating between 130 and 160 all day.)  Though my body wasn't ready to push (still 8 centimeters, 0 station), he said it was time for the sake of the baby.
The epidural didn't work as it should, so I pushed for an excruciating hour.  I yelled, I cried, I swore.  It was terrible.  But, this baby had to come out.  His heart kept decelerating with each horrifying contraction.
Finally, just before 1 am, his head emerged!  The umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck, causing the heart rate decelerations.  The doctor cut the cord, and told me to push one more time and....
Lynn IV was here!  
They lifted him up briefly so I could see him.  If you can imagine what a bold whimper might sound like, that's the first noise he made. 

They scooped him up and rushed him away to the incubator. He continued making squeaking and those bold whimpering sounds.  I kept asking how he was doing, and after a few minutes, they said he was good!!  Apgar scores of 8/9, which is about as good as you can get.

Phew!  Lynn and I are elated to have our little boy here, safe and sound.

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes!  More updates to come as our bold little one continues to amaze us.