Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Changes for Nova

Lots of big things are happening in Nova's life!  She got a big girl bed (thanks to Katie!), turned 2.5 years old, started preschool.

Nova has been a champ through all of these changes.  Here, she's seen sharing her beloved bunny with her brother.  The first of (hopefully) many sharing moments between the two.


Yes, Nova wore her Super Man outfit to preschool orientation.  I took this picture to show Lynn - if she's letting her teacher put her shoes on, she's comfortable enough to have a great year.

Nova and Lynx!   The first of about 20 years worth of "First day of school" photos!

Her preschool bulletin board!

Little Nova!

I took these photos on Nova's 2.5 birthday!  Later that day, we ate some cake because Nova talks about birthday cake all the time!

A few other fun moments that occurred in August:


Party at Adam's!   

Kisses to Jack!

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  1. "Tennis" made me laugh at 4 in the morning! Aunt Linda